Переосмысление территорий

Reconfiguring Territories

Territooriumite ümber mõtestamine

Uudelleenmäärittyvät paikallisuudet

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(Re)configuring Territories Talk: Discussion with TOK Curators in Narva Art Residency

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(Re)configuring Territories Talk
→ Доклады на (Пере)осмыслении территорий
→ (Re)configuring Territories vestlusring
→ (Re)configuring Territories -keskustelu

Discussion with TOK Curators in Narva Art Residency
Saturday, May 22, 2021, at 16 (EET)

This (Re)configuring Territories discussion opened the cycle of the spring 2021 programme.

Creative Association of Curators TOK joined the Narva Art Residency on May 20 – June 18. The introduction talk with the TOK curators Anna Bitkina and Maria Veits was hosted by curator Ksenia Kaverina and the (Re)configuring Territories programme curators Tommi Vasko and Kaisa Karvinen.

Creative Association of Curators TOK is a curatorial duo founded in Saint Petersburg, Russia by Anna Bitkina and Maria Veits as a platform for research projects at the intersection of contemporary art, social sciences and socially-oriented design. As a nomadic collective working internationally , TOK curators place their practice between historical analysis and political imagination. In 2020 TOK was the winner of the apexart Open call 2020-2021 (exhibition ‘Voicing the Silence’ to be presented in Moscow at CCA Fabrica in summer 2021). In September 2021 TOK will curate the main exhibition of the 6th edition of the Photomonth Biennale in Tallinn.

As part of the (Re)configuring Territories project, TOK was interested in rethinking critically the parameters for historical analysis of post-industrial areas in cross-border territories between Russia and Estonia, exploring their common political, industrial and ecological history.

Recording of the talk is available here:

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