Переосмысление территорий

Reconfiguring Territories

Territooriumite ümber mõtestamine

Uudelleenmäärittyvät paikallisuudet

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Damiano Cerrone

Damiano Cerrone is the director of SPIN Unit, a transnational agency combining art and science to find new approaches to urban research and design. He works on the development of new avenues of research inquiry around urbanity and digital societies to foster change in policy making and urban management. His personal research leverages digital footprints to study new solutions to retrofitting inner cities to contemporary life.

Yin Aiwen

Yin Aiwen by the Narva Hydroelectric Station
( Yin Aiwen by the Narva Hydroelectric Station )

Yin Aiwen is a practicing designer, theorist and project developer, who uses writing, speculative design and time-based art to examine the social impact of planetary communication technologies. She advocates relationship-focused design as a strategy to redesign, re-engineer and reimagine the relationship between technology and society.

She holds a master’s degree in design from Sandberg Instituut Amsterdam, and a bachelor’s degree in visual communication from the Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology. She has been a research fellow in The New Normal programme of Strelka Institute (RU, 2017), Art Center South Florida (US, 2017) and ZK/U Berlin (DE, 2019).

Polina Medvedeva

( Polina Medvedeva filming next to the Kreenholm factory area )

POLINA MEDVEDEVA is a Russian-Dutch filmmaker and artist based in Amsterdam. Her work researches the notion of informality, focusing on informal economies and non-conformist communal structures, their principles of which influence the aesthetics of her videos. Medvedeva’s works have been exhibited in Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam; Sonic Acts Festival, Amsterdam; WIELS Contemporary Art Centre, Brussels; Al-Ma’mal Foundation for Contemporary Art, Jerusalem; Inversia Festival, Murmansk; Rotterdam City Theatre; Art Brussels; Centre of Fine Arts Groningen; De Nieuwe Vide gallery, Haarlem and screened during IDFA Docs for Sale and on VPRO among others. She was a guest lecturer at the Public School for Architecture Brussels, Sandberg Instituut Amsterdam, ArtEZ Zwolle and is a tutor and lecturer at the Utrecht School of the Arts.

Spring School 2019
→ Весенняя Школа 2019
→ Kevadkool 2019
→ Kevätkoulu 2019

Deconstructed Field Study

Deconstructed Field Study
In 2012 Narva’s old town gets a brand new building, standing next to the Town Hall. Freshly inaugurated Narva College, say Kavakava Architects, reflects the former Stock Exchange Building destroyed during the Second World War. Yet for some Narva older residents, the modern architecture comes as a challenge to their representations.