Переосмысление территорий

Reconfiguring Territories

Territooriumite ümber mõtestamine

Uudelleenmäärittyvät paikallisuudet

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The right to the night

Residency 2022
→ Pезиденция 2022
→ Residentuur 2022
→ Residenssi 2022

How could a violent free world look like? Is a violent free society even possible? When does violence begin and what do we perceive as such And how can art contribute to a safer, more social environment?

During our residency in Narva we want to focus on public space, control and women. Many indications point to the existence of a global system which, from the absence of suitable outdoor places for women for certain kind of practices to the narration of news, demands women, and single women in particular, to spends as little time as possible outside home or any closed and controlled place of professional activity. Perhaps more importantly, the use of public space and its apprenticeship, especially at night, remain different for men and for women. How to explain that contemporary space is so little investigated, even though it is perhaps one of the last bastions of a manifest inequality of use between men and women, to the extent of an even inequality of possibilities of use, of which both are active and passive producers?

(Untitled project, Laura Kuusk)

Residency 2021
→ Резиденция 2021
→ Residentuur 2021
→ Residenssi 2021

During the residency in Narva, Laura Kuusk would like to create a chain of actions that would result in performative and audiovisual material.

“I want to spot a local social group that is willing to participate in an experiment and compose together with them an event, a ritual of sharing. The event would be filmed and the video edited from the material. During this common ritual that we would create together, we would reflect on the specific space and time that we are living now. I think we need to create common moments after this global performance of self-isolation that we are going through. We need to reflect upon its’ effects on our bodies, everyday life and future. I think that we can create a social event and at the same time, reflect upon the future through the vision of people going through intensive transformation processes. It might also give us a reflection of the past. The idea of this action is to reflect on the things that we teach the future generation to dream about, the way we design the space in and around us. By changing our dreams, we can start re-shaping the future. Of course it will be based on the very local and specific community, but I think the “locality” and “community” are the key words for the future, too.”