Переосмысление территорий

Reconfiguring Territories

Territooriumite ümber mõtestamine

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Modelling Urban Degrowth

Spring School 2022
→ Весенняя Школа 2022
→ Kevadkool 2022
→ Kevätkoulu 2022

Modelling Urban Degrowth

When talking about planning for urban degrowth, we lack a lexicon that allows us to express ideas or think of successful urban futures articulated through vectors that aren’t growth – the very essence of (contemporary) city-building is expansionist at its core.

Models and master plans are often used to illustrate growth-driven urban futures, but what would a model for degrowth look like? During the Modelling Urban Degrowth workshop, we will work on a collective model to express notions of urban degrowth for which we -as of yet- lack words. Departing from the Degrowth Manual‘s three chapters – Cartography, Memory, Future – we will explore the material aspects of each layer taking as the basis the city of Narva.

During the Spring School week the Modelling Urban Degrowth group explored new models for talking about degrowth, particularly in post-industrial shrinking cities, like Narva.

In this context, together with the participants Anni Saviaro, Joanna Łałowska, Aneta Kohoutová, Annela Samuel, and Grant Penfield Haugen, METASITU (Eduardo and Liva) tried to develop tools that would help us address the materiality of shrinking cities, and position them in timelines.

How do the elements that make up a city sit in non-human timelines? How can we, collectively, talk and think about the materiality of a city? Why do we need to record the materiality of a shrinking city in the context of urban degrowth?

At the end of the week the group compiled the tools, exercices and discussions and made a booklet.

Degrowth Manual

Workshop mentors
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METASITU is a collectivity that explores the way we relate to territory across time and disciplines, for a queerer tomorrow. Our practice is centred around non-hierarchical symbiotic pedagogies that take the form of urbanism residencies, architectural interventions, intentional communities, self-publishing, real estate experiments, and videos. Our work has largely focused on shrinking cities in Eastern Ukraine: mainly through our ongoing project ‘The Degrowth Institute’, where we explore ways of incorporating notions of degrowth to urban masterplanning. The Degrowth Institute also researched vacancy, and ruinification processes in Dubai’s office towers, among others.

Spring School 2022 Workshops
→ Весенняя Школа
→ Kevadkool
→ Kevätkoulun työpajat

Seeds, Pollen, Future

Seeds, Pollen, Future
The aim of the Seeds, Pollen, Future workshop is to nurture, form, grow, and become more aware of connections that are already there and those that are newly forged. What are we except for a living relation? And what does this imply for agency and identity?

Modelling Urban Degrowth

Modelling Urban Degrowth
Models and master plans are often used to illustrate growth-driven urban futures, but what would a model for degrowth look like?

Tactics for Freedom of Speech

Tactics for Freedom of Speech
The Tactics for Freedom of Speech workshop looked at freedom of speech and the role of media as an infrastructure forming societies and constructing inter-territorial roles and positions.